Why is Phosphorous an Important Mineral to Balance with Calcium?


February 17, 2020

Phosphorous is a very important mineral to balance with calcium because it works with calcium to help build bones. To improve animal health, the animal needs the right amount of both of these minerals. The balance of these minerals in the animal diet plays a key role in animal health. Mineral imbalance can result in a variety of health issues e.g. kidney disease. Therefore, it’s crucial that the animal has the right amount of phosphorous and calcium and ensure that low potassium levels are maintained.

The Ratio to Lookout For.

Phosphorous plays a role with calcium and we are always looking for a ratio of 1.5:1 CA :P. plays a key role in skeletal development and maintenance. It can also be involved in energy utilisation and protein synthesis.

In severe deficiencies, it can affect appetite and bone functions. If it is severely off it can result in milk fever issues. It has been associated with cases of PICA where cows are eating stones and plastic. It is also now a mineral where global supplies of this mineral are under pressure.

Check out the video below from our Vetineary Consultant ‘Tommy the Vet’ about Phosphorous and Calcium, and how they are important for cattle health.