Liquid feed for the dairy farm

June 4, 2018

National Enterprise Award winner Terra Liquid Minerals (TLM) aims to disrupt the global farm animal food supplement industry with cutting edge technology which allows dairy herds to receive the supplements they need from the water they drink.
Company chief executive and co-founder Pádraig Hennessy says the liquid supplementation delivery system developed by his company has an absorbency rate of over 90%, which represents a significant advancement on the 30% to 40% rate achieved by traditional dry supplement method which is currently the global benchmark.
Launched in 2013, the TLM system is now being used on 260 farms in Ireland to provide mineral and magnesium supplementation to over 50,000 cows .
The company had a €1.1m turnover in 2017 and is gearing up for an international launch at the end of the year.