How Zinc plays a Key Role in Maintaining a Healthy Herd?

February 11, 2020

Zinc plays an important role in enzymes, immune function and healthy skin for cattle.

This trace element plays a key role in a lot of enzyme systems. It can also play a role in immune function and keratin production and hoof health. While most animals have a high tolerance for zinc in their diet.

Pastures typically have adequate levels of zinc; however, hay and straw are said to have lower concentrations. Deficiency can be seen in young growing calves. You can see issues with skin (alopecia) and poorer skin health. Some authors have suggested it may play a role also in hoof health.

Zinc also plays a role in sperm health in bulls and rams.

We can measure blood levels but this may be rarely done. Often farms will supplement with zinc at 50mg/kg.

Zinc is an important mineral component that helps the animal stay healthy. Zinc helps the immune system fight of invading bacteria and viruses. Therefore, to improve animal health, why not try our farm dispensing technology: our precision automated nutrition.

Check out the video below from our Vetineary Consultant ‘Tommy the Vet’ about How Zinc plays a Key Role in Maintaining a Healthy Herd.

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